It’s the Bee’s Knees…

If you are hitting the water over the weekend or on a Sunday Funday and in need of a quick bite to eat check out the Bees Knees Beech House. It is located on the 5.5 MM in Lick Branch Cove! 

While at Bee’s Knees over this last weekend we tried the Buffalo Chicken Cheese Fries. Our waiter recommended we get the ranch on the side… I would also suggest this. The fries were delicious and great flavor! 

For the main dish we split the Hawaiian Pizza! Packed with Canadian bacon, pineapple, and crumbled bacon its was as good as it sounds!! 

Stop by and check it out, it’s a great new spot! 

If you have tried it out, comment below on your experience and what you had to eat/drink!! Have a fun weekend at the lake!☀️